Website Design Murfreesboro, web designer murfreesboroTrying to tell someone what you want your website to look like can be a challenging task. A website's overall look and color scheme is the first and most significant impression you can make on a first time visitor. We will work together with you to develop the look and feel you seek for your site.

Our website designs are as diverse as our clients. Every layout we create is based on constant input from our clients. We take into account the following factors when creating or updating your website:

First impressions by your visitors
Navigation and ease of use
Dynamic Content
Creating "search engine friendly" pages
Interactive Marketing
User Experience

Our Process
Unlike some consulting firms, we believe that a business relationship built on trust, in which we openly share our knowledge and expertise, will help both of us in the long run. Companies find our methods to be a "breath of fresh air" after dealing with others who throw around empty promises and techno-babble. Our communication style is clear, precise, and educational. Our difference is that we approach every project with a business focus, ensuring that any solution we recommend will have a positive impact on your business.

Our first meeting is complimentary but valuable. We will listen to your needs and ask tough questions. We will analyze your goals and tell you what works and what doesn't. You will gain an improved understanding of the project and the requirements needed to successfully implement it.

Site Map
The next step is to visualize the overall size and scope of your website. We will help you develop a site map that identifies the content and functional areas discussed in our first meeting. Once approved, this diagram becomes the architectural blueprint from which the proposal, and ultimately the site itself, is created.

Using the site map as a guide, we will deliver a proposal that outlines what work is to be done, how much it costs, and how long it takes. Each component of the site is presented as a separate item so there are no surprises. You will know exactly how much effort is going into the design, artwork, programming, production, quality assurance, and administrative tasks.

As we enter the production stage, we maintain frequent contact with you throughout the process of actually building the site and its associated applications. We will involve you in our process. We enjoy showing you how we do things, and this gives us many opportunities to ensure that our work is meeting (or exceeding) your needs.

Testing & Documentation
Each of our sites goes through a rigorous testing process as part of our quality assurance program. The end result is a website that looks and performs at its peak on a wide variety of computer platforms and web browsers.

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